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What is TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills [ TEAS Test ]  is a test that commonly happens to judge a student for their enrollment in a healthcare college program. Through this exam, it checks the potential of students for the requirement to get into Nursing school. Students apply for this exam before applying to nursing program. Those who want to work in the healthcare field usually apply for this exam after school. This exam is hard to pass that question disturb the students, and then they are confused about the way of preparation. The truth is that the difficulty in this entrance test will depend on how they are prepared for it. There are many other tests for getting admission in health care profile but if your goal is to get into a nursing program through the TEAS test is best option.

What does the TEAS Test / exam consist of?

Basically, TEAS Test cover four areas Reading, science, math, and English. Science and reading cover the most significant portion of the score, which cover a total62% of overall marks. In this test, there is 170 multiple choice questions were given, which cover all of the four subjects. Out of 170 marks, 150 need to pass, and this exam roughly takes 3.5 hours to complete.

Subject Tips for TEAS Test

Reading Tips

  1. In reading, there are 53 questions, and the time allotted is 64 minutes .
  2. There are long or short passages given in test.
  3. First, read the question then passage, it gives you an idea where to find the answer.
  4. Keep trying to find the fact as many question answers are not in the passage but something related to own personal understanding.
  5. Focus on your writing skill, so you better answer the question in good ways.
  6. Manage your speed of reading because it takes time.
  7. Practice last year TEAS Test questions papers or reading material so you can understand the time management and method of questioning.
  8. Practice helps you more than a sudden attempt without it.

 Science Tips

  1. There are 53 questions, and the time allotted is 63 minutes.
  2. This is one of the most challenging section.
  3. It includes questions related to scientific reasoning, physical science, subject chemistry, biology, and physics.
  4. You must be focused on basic knowledge of each topic.
  5. Factual and scientific reasoning questions will ask.

 Math Tips

  1. There are 36 questions, and it takes 54 minutes to complete.
  2. Questions come from algebra, data, arithmetic, measurement.
  3. Increase your speed in calculations.
  4. Physical calculator helps your more.
  5. Know about changing the values like decimals, fractions, multiply, percentage do hard practice.
  6. Must be aware of the standard mathematical rules.

English Tips

  1. There are 28 questions, and the time allotted is 28 minutes.
  2. Questions will come from grammar, sentence structure etc.
  3. Be aware of grammatical mistakes.
  4. Understand the structure of words.
  5. Learn the things related to [ the noun, verb pronoun] all grammar rules.

Test Tips of TEAS preparation

Organize your schedule of study
For giving this test or entrance and expecting a good score for that students have to study every day. Suppose students want their test will score high, in that case, they need proper preparation, which can only happen when they are focused and study regularly with a timetable covering every part of the syllabus of this exam. It created accountability that led the students to secure higher marks by reviewing the study material well.

Arrange the printed study guides
Get the printed materials for your preparation like books and notes as it is easy to prepare by them. You can also make notes or highlight the important point in it so you cannot waste time reading unnecessary things at the last moment. This is a co-effective method for the students.

Maintain confidence in you
When students start preparing for exams or tests, they often feel that things are hard to learn, and their minds stop focused on study. First of all, you have to be confident in your abilities and then prepare best for the TEAS test. Nursing is one of the best and academic solid profile with good background for that hard work is important, and your confidence makes you strong and more focused and it leads higher chance of success.

Utilize the TEAS test prep resource
You learn everything, but test prep resources can still help you get more sure about your preparation score. Take the TEAS practice test at the beginning of your preparation; through this, you will go through questions and even answered them wrong; you get more idea about the types of questions and topics. This also helps you to get a better idea of the area where you have to focus more. Before the exam, in between your preparation, retake the TEAS practice test; this can help you improve and highlight every area where you need extra attention before the exam.

Register for the exam at least two weeks before
It means that you have plenty of time for independent preparation when you register for the exam early. After that you will revise every single topic with time, and your final revision will be more perfectly complete without any other tension. This extra time provides you with spare time that can help you parse through a single topic and stay calm. Keeping stress in the last days divert mind and make your confidence law so focused on it.

Learn all the Fundamental basis
In the TEAS Test / exam, the main subjects like math and science covered so many fundamentals. You have to review all the fundamentals like in math; you have to translate the fraction to decimals; for science, you have to review the biology concepts, balance the equation of chemistry, etc. Many basic fundamentals can easily solve the questions, so also learn each of them that matters.

Study group
If you are Doing group studies, provide an extremely beneficial profit in learning. It means while you are studying in the group, you can find that each group member has strengths and weaknesses in every area. Others will share their learning techniques and methods with you. Sharing knowledge is one of the most valuable things.

Take care of own
For the students, one of the most important is that students take care of their health and well- being. It is important they must keep their stress out through their mind and feelings. When the mind is calm, students attempt the exam stress-free and keep their balance of focus in the exam.

Focus on the weak area
As students know that they are not perfect in every subject, they have to pay more attention to weak area like math arithmetic, fractions practice of the questions, science biology, or chemistry. Keep your focus on your preparation, and more practice will keep your preparation strong. Do not hurry with answers; take little time to understand it and then response to it.

Fixed a target
When you know from which subject how many questions will come and how much time will cover, then focus on where you have to utilize more time and focus. Fixed at least 70 to 80 % score in mind with that do our exam preparation. In TEAS Test / exam time is about 209 minutes and 170 multiple questions. Once you fixed the target, you will achieve more because your preparation will be done with clarity and confidence.

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