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Test Of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

TEAS or Test of Essential Academic Skills is a useful study test for university-level students to get a nursing qualification. Individuals interested in nursing schools can hone their knowledge and strength areas through TEAS test help. There are TEAS flashcards and study guides available for students to utilize for extensive training.

This testing program is important for nursing students, and it is moderately difficult as well. Statistically, almost 40% of applicants take the TEAS test more than one time. With accurate assistance from TEAS test experts and informative study material, students can pass on the first try. Most of the material available in TEAS test help is customized, and the format mirrors the original TEAS nursing exam structure.

Moreover, the study guide contains data on all the relevant subject areas and is available in both printed and online formats.

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Importance Of TEAS

For applicants to nursing schools and related health universities, the TEAS test is a major help. Generally, 30% of the qualified students cannot meet BSN, Diploma, and ADN programs’ requirements. The TEAS test is not simple and constitutes multiple subject types. It is important to prepare the material carefully, taking approximately six or more weeks to complete most of the preparation.

Having good scores on the TEAS examination would allow you the option to join reputed nursing institutions. There are many opportunities present in this career path for advancement, education, and growth. Some of the job opportunities available include nursing-related positions at doctor’s clinics, offices, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

One of the main benefits of getting TEAS tutoring is that you can get admission to particular nursing schools if you pass. Selective schools allow this test as the primary admission testing method. On the other hand, some other nursing institutions offer entrance exams. Therefore, getting the TEAS training would work as a good preparation tactic for the entrance tests.

Format/Contents In The TEAS Test

Essentially, the TEAS examination consists of four subdivisions. They are as follows.


There are 53 questions available under this section, and it takes around 64 minutes to complete. This section of the examination assesses the comprehension ability of the applicants. The questions include passages for reading, and interpretations of directions, labels, maps, graphs, and measuring tools.


The Science sub-division consists of 53 questions in the TEAS examinationThe examination portion lasts for 63 minutes total. As for the subject matter, this section comprises three topics generally. They are scientific reasoning, life and physical science, physiology and human anatomy. For most students, this is the most complex portion of the TEAS preparation.


This section lasts for 54 minutes total and includes 36 questions in the paper. The subject topics here include data and measurement and algebra and numbers.

English and Language Usage

This portion of the examination includes knowledge of the English language, conventions of standard-level English, and vocabulary acquisition as the main subject material. This exam covers 28 minutes and includes 28 questions in total. It is important to focus on this section carefully- the questions can appear complex and intentionally confusing.

Essentially, the overall TEAS test lasts for 209 minutes and includes 170 questions in total. After the second section completes, you will receive a separate break of 10 minutes.

The main score of the TEAS exam is the composite marks of all four sections. Also, applicants would notice different admission criteria for scoring in separate schools. However, maximum nursing institutes accept an average composite score of 60%-70%.

The question format for the TEAS test is multiple-choice based. However, out of the total 170 questions, you would get your scoring on only 150 questions. The rest are samples. To note, you would not know which of the questions are sample questions during the examination period.

How To Prepare For The TEAS Test

There are multiple steps you can take for your TEAS preparation. The following are some of the main tips to keep in mind before and during the examination.


  1. You should study with an alert mind to retain the most information.
  2. Prepare a flexible schedule for your preparation and stick to it.
  3. Get a clear understanding of the material and the requirements for the four tests. You need to focus on materials that are your weak points, mostly for the best outcome.

    Time management

    The examination is strictly timed, and you need to practice your time management skill. For example, during practice, set the lowest time limit for 1 minute for English and 1 minute 30 seconds for Maths.

    Items to carry

    It is imperative to know which items you are allowed to carry to the test.

    1. Applicants need to carry their legal documentation as identity proof, like a passport or driver’s license. However, school ID cards are not acceptable.
    2. Carry many sharpened number 2 pencils and one eraser to the exam center if you appear for the offline test.
    3. You cannot carry outside materials like food, cell phones, calculators, or drinks to the examination centre. Instead, the officials would provide the examinees with a calculator, as it is necessary for quick calculations. For online TEAS test help, examinees can use the digital calculator available on their assigned computer. Personal items are also prohibited unless medically prescribed.


    It is important for you to try out practice tests for the TEAS exam help beforehandApplicants can understand their weak points and strong points through the TEAS test practice.

    1. Set your time limits for the TEAS practice tests and follow that each time duration. This would improve your pace of answering and reading the questions and increase your decision-making speed.
    2. Only focus on one subject division at one time. For example, if you are not familiar with the Science portion at the current period, focus most of your preparation on refreshing this knowledge.
    3. After each practice test, review the questions you answered wrong. Take your time to understand where you made a mistake and read the accurate answer as well.

    Calmly ask for assistance with technical issues or other queries during the examination. Also, you can take expert help with TEAS test during preparation for the TEAS test through TEAS tutoring or online platforms.

    How Can We Help With TEAS Test?

    You can expect helpful assistance and service from our platform for TEAS test help in multiple ways. Some of them are mentioned hereafter.

    Our expert professionals have a high skill-set and knowledge in the relevant subject matters and can provide you guidance and TEAS test answer.

    We offer multiple study guides for the different subject matters available under this TEAS test. These refresher materials would increase your skill level on your weak points and hone your strong points properly.

    Our platform would provide timed TEAS practice tests that allow applicants to improve their time management. Also, one can opt for these tests multiple times without extra payment.

    Flashcards are simple study-help options for increasing the knowledge of TEAS study materials. These are available for all four of the subject divisions.

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