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Structure and Ways of Writing a Short Essay

The standard Essay has some rules and specific structure, which comprises paragraph thesis, main body, and conclusion. These structures elaborate and help in comprehending the Essay. It has many parts, which are given below.

Introduction – Introduction is the main part of the Essay, as it familiarizes the content and subject topic to the readers. The main objective of the introduction is to attract the reader’s attention that makes them interested. So, the introduction requires the creation of a hook that intrigues the audience. This portion of the Essay should be in 5 sentences. The introduction should be informative, concise, and catchy that must be worthy of the persuasion of the audience of the Essay.

Thesis – Thesis represents the last sentence of the introduction. It focuses on the main problem that essay writers plan to explore and contain a claim to prove. Thus, if the topic is very broad, simple, and is focused on some specific, then the thesis must be in debatable form, as debatable thesis motivates opponents to argue with the position.

Conclusion – This section shows the analysis result in the paragraph and depicts how ideas from the main body support this thesis statement. Conclusion differs from the summary; it cannot be similar to a summary of the work. Since the introduction shows the targeted audience to attract the reader’s attention, the last sentence shows how satisfied people are after reading the conclusion.

Ways of writing short Essay

Writing, in general, is different from writing in academic fields. Since different writing styles have a different way of presenting the idea, below are some points that are followed to write the short Essay.

The topic of interest – The topic that raises interest in a thoughtful Essay should be used in writing an essay, as a creative and precise writing style prompts people to think beyond the book world that provides real and lucid content.

Make an Outline – Prior to writing an essay, writers should be clear about the content for writing. So, the formation of the outline is the easiest way to create a proper argument and basic structure of the academic Essay. The outline should comprise the main points for supporting the paragraph.

Creation of word bank – The creation of a word bank is an interesting way to jot down the specific words in the Essay. Since, for writing a thesis, there lies need to work on vocabulary because the thesis plays the main role in the Essay because thesis is the main argument of the Essay. Once a thesis is chosen, there lies a need to focus on the main topic and finding new words that relate to the thesis in varying ways. In addition to, finding great vocabulary can act as a cherry on the cake because the use of new words makes the language

Hook the reader – The sentence used in the writing section should raise interest and curiosity. The curiosity increases by asking the intriguing question, delivering a bold statement, surprising facts, and emphasizing the topic.

Map the structure – In the long type of Essay, the introduction can be briefly described for covering some portion of the Essay. This type of mapping guides the reader and offers a way to preview for developing the argument.

Create Paragraph Structure – The essay structure needs clear structure. Thus, it is very significant to organize the paragraphs around the main idea. So, the idea should be introduced in the topic sentence, as the topic sentence helps in explaining the concept using paragraph structure.

Solid Understanding of Grammar – In writing an essay, many things need to keep in mind, such as grammar, punctuation, and style. So, for making the content error-free, basic grammar should be strong such as proper use of punctuation, subject agreement, proper article, well-formed sentence, and use of active voice.

Seek help from other pairs of eyes – Checking the content by others is a good tip because having read over the content by others before finalizing reduces the chances of making mistakes while writing. Since checking from another pair of eyes gives tunnel vision and a way to think long and differently because interaction with others gives different ideas as well.

Write argumentative and critical evidence – While writing an academic essay, writers can include argumentative and critical evidence regarding the main argument as critical analysis offers an interesting side to the topic, strengthening the topic’s thesis.

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