MAR3023 Principles of Marketing

Quiz 1



Question 1

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According to one of the world’s largest publishers, it was unprepared for recent increases in the demand for books about personal security. If the publisher had _____, it would have been prepared for the increase in demand.

shifted funds from its product development department

noticed changes in ethnic composition


tracked environmental trends as a part of its ongoing operation

noticed changing demographics

created an operational plan


Question 2

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The set of values, ideas, and attitudes of a homogeneous group of people that are transmitted from one generation to the next is called:


reference groups.

social class.






Question 3

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A _____ is formed by the merging of two previously separate units into a single household.

shifting family unit

mature household

traditional household


blended family

merging household


Question 4

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The development of regional marketing plans was the result of:

cutbacks in advertising budgets.

reductions in interstate business barriers.

decentralization of corporate decision making.


recognition of geographic differences in product preferences.

the influence of international marketers.



Question 5

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The top management of ABC Corp. is committed to supporting a unified marketing strategy that delivers value to the consumer. That commitment is shared by all the departments in the company and extends down to the sales clerks in the company’s stores. This reflects:

both the Strategic and Macro Environments

the Micro Environment

the Macro Environment


the Internal Environment

the Strategic Environment


Question 6

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In 2002, executives at McDonald’s became concerned about Subway specifically targeting their comparative advertisements against McDonald’s. These executives quickly approved a study that revealed the ads were in fact eating into McDonald’s market share. To counter this threat, McDonald’s decided to cut their prices and promote more heavily. McDonald’s and its executives were engaged in:


both monitoring and adapting to the environment.

modifying the environment.

monitoring the environment.

both monitoring and modifying the environment.

adapting to the environment.


Question 7

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Two consumer market trends that Disney has identified in the last two decades are “higher taste points” (e.g., faster roller coasters) and “shorter family vacations”. In which aspect of Disney’s marketing environment do these trends reside?








Question 8

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Campbell’s Soup’s introduction of its microwavable Soup at Hand and its Chunky Soups line as additions to its market-leading line of condensed soups is an example of a company’s attempt to _______ the environment.





Adapt to



Question 9

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Which of the following has the most impact and is the most predictable macro-environmental trend marketers are currently aware of in the U.S. marketplace?

The steady growth of the economy and consumer confidence.

The decreasing diversity, or homogenization, of the U.S. population.

Increasing materialism as the average age of the population increases.

The population migration towards the “sunbelt.”


The “graying” of America.



Question 10

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Frankie landed a great job, making $100,000 per year. Unfortunately, his real income is worth only $80,000. Frankie’s “real” yearly salary is lower due to _______, which is measured by the _______.

Inflation, Index of Consumer Confidence

Disposable Income, Consumer Price Index

Disposable Income, Income Tax Rate


Inflation, Consumer Price Index

Consumer Expectations, Index of Consumer Confidence


Quiz 2

Question 1

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Consumer _____ refers to the personal, social, and economic significance of a purchase.

acculturative response




selective perception



Question 2

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Chris saw commercials on television for a new scrapbook store which claimed to have the latest in scrapbook supplies and to provide top quality customer service. Since Chris knew that his sister’s birthday was coming up soon and her favorite hobby is making scrapbooks for her friends and family, he decided to go find a gift for her. Chris was completely overwhelmed by the merchandise and didn’t have a very good idea of what supplies his sister already owned, but the salesperson who helped him was able to show him some brand new products his sister was very unlikely to have already. Chris really didn’t expect this extra help, since the store was very busy at the time, but he was happy that his sister was thrilled with her gifts. Which of the following terms would best describe Chris’s assessment of his experience in the store?

Alternative evaluation


Customer delight

Customer Satisfaction

High involvement

Customer dissatisfaction


Question 3

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Raul overheard one of his co-workers in a phone conversation say, Thank you for taking my call so quickly. I’d like to order number 1284H, the All-American Ashlee Simpson lip-synching doll. Can I use the easy pay plan? The co-worker was in which stage in the consumer purchase decision process?


purchase decision

problem recognition

alternative evaluation

post purchase evaluation

information search


Question 4

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Holly is a freshman in college and decides to go grocery shopping for the first time. When selecting her groceries, she chooses almost all the same brands that her mom always buys. This is an example of which influence on consumer-decision making?

Marketing Mix








Question 5

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Cassidy devotes every Sunday afternoon to doing chores around the house. She uses this time to clean, do laundry, and mow the lawn. This is an example of _____ time.








Question 6

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How might a marketing manager for a manufacturer of turboprop engines used in private jet planes use the North American Industry Classification (NAICS) system to help with his marketing planning?


He could record the NAICS numbers for each of his firm’s best customers, and then obtain lists of companies with the same NAICS numbers.

He could go to a library to find the NAICS numbers for all government units – federal, state, and local.

He could not use the NAICS system because it is a dated concept that has no current usefulness.

He could identify all NAICS numbers that do not reflect the classifications of his firm’s customers.

He could poll his field sales organization to see if his company’s sales representatives know what NAICS numbers mean.


Question 7

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Sarah Salesrep is brand new to her job selling “lifetime” printers that never need replacement ink cartridges. The problem is that these printers cost ten times more than a regular printer, so it is difficult to get prospective buyers to understand the cost savings of buying it. To break through the barrier and begin making sales, Sarah should use a _______ analysis that highlights her printer’s lower _______ cost.


value; operating

value; initial purchase

value; switching

vendor; operating

vendor; life-cycle


Question 8

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_____ reprocess a good or service they buy before selling it again to the next buyer.

Retail firms


Industrial firms

Government agencies

Reseller firms



Question 9

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The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) permits a firm to:

learn the names of the purchasing agents of all prospective customers.


find the NAICS codes of its present customers and then obtain NAICS-coded lists for similar firms.

conduct an industry-wide SWOT analysis to determine internal strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective competitors.

engage in benchmarking with companies manufacturing and/or marketing similar products.

sell to any company within North America as long as it is not a monopoly.


Question 10

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ABC Corporation reorders ten new Dell computers every year (same model, same specifications). This year they decided to purchase five more Dell computers than usual. Which type of decision “buy class” is this?

modified buy

modified re-buy

new modified buy


straight re-buy

new buy



Quiz 3




Question 1

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Build-A-Bear Workshop provides unique service to each individual customer. They are able to do this through an efficient assembly line-like experience in which customers choose which features (bows, hats, accessories, etc.) to add to their stuffed animal. Build-A-Bear’s targeting strategy is:

mass marketing


product benefit


mass customization



Question 2

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Assume 34% of people aged 18-24 in the United States are enrolled in college or graduate school. Further assume 31.7% of people aged 18-24 in Florida are enrolled in college or graduate school. What is Florida’s index for the number of people aged 18-24 enrolled in college or graduate school?









Question 3

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One advantage of a market-product grid is that it can be used to:

relate the product life cycle to consumer demand.


relate likely sales of products to prospective market segments.

select representative samples of consumers for marketing research studies.

make optimal decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

screen many new product ideas in order to select the one with best long-run market potential.


Question 4

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Australia-based Renewable Energy Ltd. sells a device that converts manure into energy. One of the $10 million devices is capable of generating energy equal to $2 million of natural gas per year. The company believes its target market is made up primarily of fertilizer manufacturers. It should use which of the following approaches to target prospective customers?


NAICS code.

past purchase history.



purchase location.


Question 5

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Seventh Heaven is a television show that is designed to have a broad appeal to a wide number of groups. It is a show that is appropriate to watch with young children without having to worry about being embarrassed. It is a show that teaches the importance of moral values by showing teens on the show learning to cope with real-life problems without being too moralistic. It appeals to an older market because it is reminiscent of TV dramas of previous decades. This WB television show is an example of:

multiple products with multiple market segments.


one product with multiple market segments.


mass customization.

none of the above.


Question 6

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Marketers use market segmentation:

to develop specific marketing actions related to the 4 P’s.

to relate supply to demand in economic terms.

to increase overall sales, profits and/or other organizational goals.

to link market needs to an organization’s marketing program.


to do all of the above.



Question 7

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A perceptual map can be used to identify a firm’s product in terms of how closely it fits the “ideal” and where it fits in relationship to competitors. The map is based on perceptions of:

independent rating organizations such as Consumer Reports.


competitors, consumers, and the firm itself.






Question 8

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Chingy’s Shoelace Company sells all sorts of shoelaces. In the past, Chingy’s has advertised in “Gym Shoe Weekly”, a specialty magazine read by dedicated gym shoe enthusiasts. In an effort to increase sales, Chingy’s has decided that it will now advertise in the magazine “Everyone” which has a huge following of readers from all different backgrounds. Chingy’s hopes that potential consumers of their products notice it when they come across the Chingy’s advertisement in “Everyone.” Chingy’s has shifted its strategy from _____ to _____.

Assignment; Fine Tuning

Distinctiveness Across; Homogeneity Within

Self Selection; Selective Targeting


Selective Targeting; Self Selection

Homogeneity Within; Distinctiveness Across


Question 9

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When cell phones were first entering the market, they were relatively large and reception was undependable. All cell phones were essentially the same. But as the technology developed, many competitors entered, introducing features unique to their phones. Today, cell phones are only a small fraction of the size and weight of their predecessors. Consumers can buy cell phones with color screens, cameras, Internet access, daily planners, or voice activation (and any combination of these features). The history of the cell phone demonstrates what marketing trend?


Markets evolve toward greater heterogeneity over time.

Product diversity declines as more market segments develop.

Technology advances are almost always introduced by market leaders.

Market segmentation usually forces existing companies out of business.

New competitors seldom bring innovation into an existing market.


Question 10

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Tommy’s Toy Box is a toy and game retailer that is trying to decide on a location for their newest store. Their first thought is Happy Valley, Florida, because they believe that there are a large number of families with young children. To find out, Tommy looks to the A.C. Nielsen Designated Market Areas. He finds that in the Happy Valley area 27% of households have one or more children under 16. He then finds that 11% of households in the U.S. have at least one child under 16 and 15% of U.S. households have no children at all. What is the index value for Happy Valley households with young children?








Midterm 1




Question 1

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Mo’ Chicken is a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes. Management is currently thinking about opening a new restaurant in North Central Florida. After conducting some research, Mo’ Chicken saw that the city of Gainesville was the largest segment, so they didn’t even bother to consider other factors or other locations. Now other restaurant chains are also moving into Gainesville, creating intense competition. What happened to Mo’ Chicken?

Lack of Compatibility

Excess Cost

Points of Difference

Majority Fallacy

Points of Parity


Question 2

1 / 1 pts

Pear Tech is trying to gain more market share in the personal computer category. Pear Tech engineers purchase an Apple computer and take it apart to see how it works. What has Pear Tech done to learn more about its competitor?

Reverse engineering

Mystery shopping

Industrial espionage

Insider trading

Trade secret theft


Question 3

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Afternoon is a restaurant in Gainesville that is known for its delicious brunch menu. Unlike some other bigger restaurants in town, this small business prepares their meals with local products that they get from Alachua farmers. In exchange for the chicken eggs from “Happy Farm”, Afternoon gives the farmer free meals at Afternoon. Such trade between the two businesses is knows as what?

Customer Value


Possession Utility


Marketing Mix


Question 4

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Consumerism refers to

a collaborative effort between buyers and sellers to create an exchange where each benefit.

the recognition of the need for organizations to improve the state of people, the planet, and profit simultaneously if they are to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.


the grassroots movement started in the 1960s to increase the influence, power, and rights of consumers in dealing with institutions.

conducting business in a way that protects the natural environment while making economic progress.

a movement of conspicuous consumption that began when World War II ended.


Question 5

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Two important advantages of secondary data are that they are

highly credible and up-to-date.


inexpensive or free and save time.

inexpensive and up-to-date.

up-to-date and supply all relevant categories of information.

tailor-made to specifications and relatively inexpensive.


Question 6

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The legal concept of “let the buyer beware,” which was pervasive in the American business culture before the 1960s, is referred to as

c’est la vie.

carpe diem.

quid pro quo.

mea culpa.


caveat emptor.



Question 7

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Brandon is looking to buy a new car for his luxury pizza delivery business, and he wants to get the best value. He conducts the following value analysis. Which car should Brandon choose?

  BMW Mercedes Audi
Purchase Price $350,000 $175,000 $98,000
Annual Fuel Cost $1,000 $500 $200
Lifetime 10 years 5 years 2.5 years
Lifecycle Cost
(10 years)
? ? ?

[Note: This question contains a table with four columns and five rows. If your table does not appear or is incomplete, notify your proctor immediately and request that they take a screenshot for the incident report.]

Either Mercedes or Audi

Either BMW or Mercedes






Question 8

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Victoria recently opened a new shop where she makes and sells trendy shoes. She has found that her trendy shoes are in high demand, so she makes as many shoes as possible, without bothering to market her store to the public. This situation describes a                 orientation, with an                 focused approach

sales; outwardly

production; outwardly

sales; inwardly

market; inwardly


production; inwardly



Question 9

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The three types of organizational buy classes are

straight purchase, barter, and countertrade.


new buy, straight rebuy, and modified rebuy.

consumer products, industrial goods, and services.

industrial, reseller, and government.

users, influencers, and deciders.


Question 10

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The societal marketing concept

involves conducting business in a way that protects the natural environment while making economic progress.

actively tries to understand customer needs and satisfy them while satisfying the firm’s goals.

is the moral principles and values that govern the actions and decisions of an organization.

is the idea that organizations are part of a larger society and are accountable to that society for their actions.

Correct Answer

is the view that an organization should satisfy the needs of consumers in a way that provides for society’s well-being.



Question 11

1 / 1 pts

Combinations of the marketing mix that reflect the unique attitudes, ancestry, communication preferences, and lifestyles of different races are referred to as                       marketing programs.








Question 12

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The extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases to find statistical links between consumer purchasing patterns and marketing actions is referred to as

big data.

information extraction.


data mining.

predictive analysis.

database management.


Question 13

Original Score: 1 / 1 pts 

Sally’s Shampoos is testing a new line of shampoos to determine which one leaves the hair most manageable. In order to do so, they have five test shampoos formulated with five different types of oil. Each is tried by 10 different women in a salon setting. Afterward, each of the women combs out her hair and rates how manageable it is on a 1-10 scale. The results of the experiment show that the shampoo containing Moroccan oil has the highest manageability rating. Which of the following is the experimental independent variable in this experiment?

The salon setting

The ratings of manageability

The color of the shampoos

The women who tested the shampoos


The type of oil



Question 14

1 / 1 pts

Kathy used to love microwave popcorn until she realized she hated cleaning the bowl after eating it all. She then discovered Orville pop-up bowls. Kathy loves how after microwaving the popcorn, it is already in an easy-to-use disposable bowl – and she doesn’t have to do any dishes! What type of utility discussed in lecture does the Orville pop-up bowl possess?



Correct Answer





Question 15

1 / 1 pts

A researcher at the University of Florida shows a series of 10 video advertisements, including an ad for Gatorade, to a group of 20 students. After playing the ads, the researcher poses the question, “Which sports drink brand did you see advertised?” This memory question is an example of:

Stimulus discrimination


Stimulus generalization

Free Recall


Cued Recall



Question 16

1 / 1 pts

Which of the following conditions are necessary for marketing to occur?

an ability to see a trend within an environmental force, a product, and an affordable and actionable advertising campaign

parties with cash or credit, a product, a reasonable price, and a place to make an exchange

a quality product, a fair price, a clever method of promotion, and a place where a customer can buy the product

a changing environment, a method of assessing needs, a way to communicate, and an exchange location


two or more parties with unsatisfied needs, a desire and an ability to satisfy them, a way to communicate, and something to exchange



Question 17

1 / 1 pts

Consumer behavior refers to

the aspects of a consumer’s decision-making processes that cannot be measured.

those purchasing behaviors that result from (1) repeated experience and (2) reasoning.

the five stages a buyer passes through in making choices about which product and service to investigate, purchase, and consume.

the mental and social processes related to purchasing that are innate in a person from birth.


the actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services, including the mental and social processes that come before and after these actions.



Question 18

Original Score: 1 / 1 pts 

Summer is very particular when purchasing personal care products. She especially loves to buy skin-care lotions that prevent wrinkles, and she enjoys personalized shampoos designed for her specific hair type and scent preferences. Summer is exhibiting which of the following cultural values?

  1. Youthfulness
    II.  Time-orientation
    III. Materialism
    IV. Future-orientation
    V.  Individualism

I and V only

Correct Answer

I, III, and V only

I and III only

III and V only

I, IV, and V only


Question 19

1 / 1 pts

Lifestyle refers to


a mode of living that is identified by how people spend their time and resources, what they consider important in their environment, and what they think of themselves and the world around them.

the similar values, interests, and behaviors that members of society share.

a self-defined identification of belonging to a lower, lower-middle, middle, upper-middle, or upper class in terms of values, attitudes, and beliefs.

the set of behaviors that is a result of spending one’s time and money as one pleases.

a mode of living that is defined by one’s personal moral philosophy.


Question 20

1 / 1 pts

Patrick works at a top law firm. The contract he signed stated that he earns $5,000 bi-weekly. When Patrick sees his first paycheck, it is for $4,000 after taxes. After all his other bills are paid, Patrick still has $1,000 left to himself. The amount that he sees on his paycheck ($4,000) is which type of consumer income?

Gross Income

Real Income

Discretionary Income


Disposable Income

Spending Income


Question 21

1 / 1 pts

Head-to-head positioning requires a product to

compete against very similar products from its own company.

compete with competitors on similar product attributes but in a different market.


compete with competitors on similar product attributes in the same market.

compete with products from competitors of the same size and country of origin.

compete against a single competitor with an identical offering.


Question 22

1 / 1 pts

It is winter in Chicago and record low temperatures are expected in the coming weeks. Uggs has predicted an influx of customers looking for stylish but warm boots for the winter. In preparation for producing these extra pairs of boots, Uggs ordered an extra shipment of faux fur from Furs R Us to make sure that they had enough materials. What accounts for the sales of faux fur in this scenario?

More Formal Decision Process


Derived Demand

More Specific Criteria

Relationship Marketing

Larger Decision Making Unit


Question 23

1 / 1 pts

Consumers’ awareness of plastic waste in the United States has risen tremendously. As a result, the company Un-litter has eliminated all plastic in its packaging and sells only biodegradable straws and cups. By keeping up with environmental concerns and recognizing that customers are now more mindful about plastic waste, Un-litter has been                        the environment.





Adapting to



Question 24

1 / 1 pts

A market-product grid is a framework to relate the                          to products offered or potential marketing actions by an organization.

total anticipated profit from specific groups of buyers

market share of the closest competitor


market segments of potential buyers

total anticipated revenue from specific groups of buyers

marketing objectives of potential products


Question 25

1 / 1 pts

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy outlined a Consumer Bill of Rights that codified the ethics of exchange between buyers and sellers. Which of the following is one of the primary principles?

right to be treated without prejudice


right to be informed

right to privacy

right to be compensated for product defects

right to be treated with respect


Question 26

1 / 1 pts

Vivian makes a living as a freelance photographer. Yesterday, she spent 6 hours on assignment from National Geographic photographing Moroccan architecture. When she returned to her hostel, for 2 hours she did laundry and packed her bags for departure the next morning. Exhausted, Vivian napped from 5 to 8:30 pm before she met her friends at a jazz bar where  she spent 2.5 hours. How many hours of personal time did Vivian have in this scenario?

8 hours

Correct Answer

3.5 hours

2.5 hours

6 hours

4.5 hours


Question 27

1 / 1 pts

Megan was in charge of planning spring break for her friends. After rating each location and attribute importance on a 1-10 scale, it was time for Megan to make a decision. According to the multi-attribute model, where should Megan and her friends go for spring break?

  Key West Colorado London Importance
  Cost 8 7 4 8
  Hotel 9 8 9 7
  Excursions 7 9 10 9
  Flight Time 8 7 10 2

[Note: This question contains a table with five columns and five rows. If your table does not appear or is incomplete, notify your proctor immediately and request that they take a screenshot for the incident report.]

Correct Answer


Key West

Either Key West or Colorado

Either Key West or London



Question 28

1 / 1 pts

A brewery in the state of Florida just announced new biodegradable rings to hold their six packs. These new rings degrade quickly, greatly reducing the risk of killing fish, like traditional plastic ones do. The brewery’s action is an example of:



Green Marketing


Climate Change

Energy Conversation


Question 29

1 / 1 pts

The effort to meet today’s (global) economic, environmental, and social needs without compromising the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs is referred to as

cause marketing.


sustainable marketing.

environmental marketing.


recycle marketing.


Question 30

1 / 1 pts

Lauren has started going to the gym more regularly. About a month ago, she ordered a new pair of leggings from Lululemon. She loved them so much that she decided to order another pair two weeks ago. She has gone to the Lululemon website a few more times to look at their other clothes, but she hasn’t ordered anything else. For the last few days, Lauren has seen many Lululemon ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. Interestingly, Lauren’s friends have not been seeing any Lululemon ads on the web.  Lululemon is using what strategy to advertise to Lauren?


Social targeting

Self selection



Selective targeting



Question 31

1 / 1 pts

ExxonMobil targets consumers that fill up their gas tanks more than once a week with its Chase Visa fuel card. Here, ExxonMobil is using which segmentation variable?





socio-economic status (SES)

attitude toward energy conservation


Question 32

1 / 1 pts

The deliberate effort by organizational buyers to build relationships that shape suppliers’ products, services, and capabilities to fit a buyer’s needs and those of its customers is referred to as

a make-buy decision.

buyer-seller reciprocity.

buyer development


supplier development.

a supply partnership.


Question 33

1 / 1 pts

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to


the network of products with connectivity-enabled electronics.

technological specifications that identify access to networks.

technological breakthroughs that allow major innovation to occur.

an explosion in interest in advanced analytics.

the belief in technology as a driver of success in the marketplace.


Question 34

1 / 1 pts

In the toothpaste category, Colgate has a toothpaste called Total Plus Whitening. Colgate advertises that this is the only toothpaste clinically proven to whiten teeth and also provide 12-hour protection that helps reduce cavities, prevent gingivitis, reduce plaque, control calculus buildup, and fight bad breath. Colgate’s approach to positioning is based on:

Specific Use

User Category


Product Benefit

Product Category

Product Feature


Question 35

1 / 1 pts

Eric has season tickets to Atlanta Braves games. He is not usually one to eat unhealthy foods. When he goes to the games, however, he sees the players on the field, hears the fans cheering, and smells hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, and popcorn. He cannot resist and orders something from the concession stands. This describes what influence on consumer decision making?


Family Socialization

Marketing Mix






Question 36

1 / 1 pts

Relationship marketing refers to

the process of identifying prospective buyers, understanding them intimately, and developing favorable long-term perceptions of the organization and its offerings so that buyers will choose them in the marketplace.

exclusive legally binding contractual agreements between retailers and customers in order to create enhanced value for each party.

the belief that it is easier and less expensive to find new customers than to retain old ones.

the selection and the assignment of a firm’s personnel for a specific product or product line to a group of current or prospective customers.


the linking of the organization to its individual customers, employees, suppliers, and other partners for their mutual long-term benefits.



Question 37

1 / 1 pts

Although the U.S. Justice Department frowns on                   because it restricts the normal operation of a free market, it is still legal for two companies to have an agreement to buy one another’s products.

tying agreements



supply partnerships

quid pro quo

just-in-time procurement


Question 38

1 / 1 pts

Dick Mondell’s Burgers and Fries recently opened in Gainesville. It sells several different types of burgers, including a plant-based alternative to beef, and milkshakes made with homemade ice cream. On the day it opened, customers were given a survey that asked, “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend Dick Mondell’s Burgers and Fries to a friend?” Based on the following responses from 260 customers, what is Dick Mondell’s Burgers and  Fries’

Net Promoter Score? (Round to the nearest whole number)

 Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 Number 4 10 6 5 7 16 9 39 42 65 57

[Note: This question contains a table with 12 columns and 2 rows. If your table does not appear or is incomplete, notify your proctor immediately and request that they take a screenshot for the incident report.]


Correct Answer






Question 39

1 / 1 pts

Conducting marketing research is an excellent way to address the first objective in marketing, which is to discover consumers’

income to determine the most lucrative price point for a product.

diversity of opinion to create persuasive advertising messages.

characteristics that would be useful to segment markets.


needs to create products that could satisfy them.

lifetime value of an offering to the organization.


Question 40

1 / 1 pts

Becky is a social media influencer who promotes a line of organic skin products, including facial scrubs and masks. On each of her posts, she discloses whether it is a sponsored promotion, as required by which of the following?

Lanham Act

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Consumer Product Safety Commission


Federal Trade Commission

Robinson-Patman Act


Question 41

1 / 1 pts

Panera has created a new way to order in their stores. They now have kiosks where you can place your order without having to interact with an employee. Panera wants to know how their employees think this new system has been working. So, they send all of their employees a survey to get feedback. Based on the Marketing Information System (MIS) data classification, where would this research be classified?

Secondary, Internal


Primary, Internal

External, Descriptive

Secondary, External

Primary, External


Question 42

1 / 1 pts

Liza is talking to her mom during dinner about how much she would like to get a new prom dress. She recently found some decent options on a few online shopping sites such as Tobi and Lulus. The next day, Liza starts to see ads for prom dresses in her social media newsfeed as well as in her Google searches. Which marketing concept accounts for these ads?

Media Fragmentation


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Derived demand


Media saturation


Question 43

1 / 1 pts

Addison is the new head of marketing for Powerade. With the Super Bowl coming up, Addison has to work with her marketing and advertising team to create an effective commercial that  can be aired during the Super Bowl. One of the main points she wants to focus on is comparing Powerade to Gatorade and showing how Powerade, like Gatorade, is essential for athletic recovery and can replenish individuals after any type of work out. Which positioning approach is Addison using by comparing Powerade to Gatorade?

User Category

Product Feature

Mass Customization

Correct Answer

Points of Parity

Points of Difference


Question 44

1 / 1 pts

The purpose of market segmentation is to respond more effectively to the wants of groups of potential buyers in order to

assume social responsibility.


increase sales and profits.

provide the best quality products on the market.

maintain market share.

use the firm’s resources most efficiently.


Question 45

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The marketing of goods and services to companies, governments, or not-for-profit organizations for use in the creation of goods and services that they can produce and market to others is referred to as


business-to-business marketing.

organizational marketing.

institutional marketing.

integrated marketing.

reseller marketing.

Question 46



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Restaurants like Chipotle and Moe’s offer customers similar products (taco, bowl, burrito, etc.) with the ability to add ingredients (guacamole, queso, etc.) to fit each customer’s taste preferences. What type of targeting strategy is this an example of?


Mass Marketing




Mass Customization



Question 47

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Steph wanted to find a new movie to watch, as she no longer understood the latest pop-culture references. Steph asked her friends what they had seen recently and looked at what the critics were saying on the Rotten Tomatoes website.  After researching several movies, bought a ticket to see A Star is Born. When Steph asked her friends what movies they had seen, which part of the decision-making process was she engaged in?


Post-purchase Consumption

Problem Recognition

Alternative Evaluation


Information Search



Question 48

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An opinion leader is an individual


who exerts direct or indirect social influence over others.

who is able to use moral persuasion to get others to comply with the latest trends.

in an organization who encourages other paid individuals to forward marketer-initiated messages to others via e-mail, social networking, websites, and blogs.

within an organization who influences decision making.

who is able and willing to cut red tape and move an organization’s marketing program forward.



Question 49

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Sherrie sold about $800 worth of produce last weekend at a farmer’s market, but it was sunny and warm both days. This Saturday and Sunday are both supposed to be rainy, so she thinks fewer people will attend. She estimates she’ll only sell about three-fourths of her total from last time, or $600. Sherrie’s sales forecast is an example of a(n)

incremental forecast.

direct forecast.


lost-horse forecast.

indirect forecast.

buyers’ intentions forecast.



Question 50

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The city of Palatka, Florida, is looking to develop new businesses in the area. Mayor Romero has asked the city council staff to research future population trends to see what types of business would be most beneficial to the city in the next 10-15 years. According to the population trends discussed in class, which type of businesses are likely to be in highest demand?


Retirement Homes

Day Care Centers

Fast Food Restaurants

Movie Theaters

Fitness Centers



Question 51

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A consumer journey map is a visual representation of

A consumer journey map is a visual representation of

situations in which a consumer is physically in contact with a product, such as during trial in a store or at home.

a brand’s offerings and how they align with various target markets.


all of the touch points for a consumer who comes into contact with a company’s products, services, or brands before, during, and after a purchase.

exchanges for a particular product or with a particular brand, including frequency and volume in dollars or units.



Question 52

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In conducting market research, effective decision makers set criteria or standards known as                      that are used in evaluating proposed solutions to a problem.

marketing dashboards

descriptive research

problem definitions


measures of success




Question 53

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The industry sales for backpack companies in the U.S. in 2018 are listed below:

Brands Sales Revenue
Jansport $80 million
North Face $73 million
High Sierra $36 million
Herschel $23 million
All Others $38 million

If North Face and Herschel were to merge, what percent market share would the new, combined company have (rounded to the nearest whole percent)?

[Note: This question contains a table with two columns and six rows. If your table does not appear or is incomplete, notify your proctor immediately and request that they take a screenshot for the incident report.]









Question 54

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Practices that include filing warranty claims after the claim period, misredeeming coupons, and making fraudulent returns of merchandise are examples of

costs to be passed along to shareholders as a part of doing business.

violations of the Consumer Bill of Rights.


unethical practices by consumers.

acceptable consumer code of ethics.

normal and reasonable consumer behavior.



Quiz 04




Question 1

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Powerade has introduced a new low-carb version of its sports drink called Powerade Option. In response, Gatorade immediately launches a similar low-carb version of its brand. This new type of Gatorade is an example of what kind of product?

Correct Answer



Category extension


“Carbon copy”



Question 2

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A 3M researcher worked with university students to develop the Post-it Flag Highlighter. His team evaluated the technical feasibility of the proposed design and whether the idea met the firm’s new product objectives. Which stage of the new product process was this product in?


screening and evaluation

new product strategy development

idea generation

prototype testing

business analysis



Question 3

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When the first portable audio tape players were introduced, they enjoyed a rapid rate of diffusion into the marketplace. (Prior to their introduction, if you wanted to listen to music when you were out and about, you had to perch a heavy “boom box” on your shoulder.) Later, portable tape players with automatic rewind functions and larger capacity were introduced. Based on what you have learned about new product diffusion, would you expect that the “new and improved” tape players would diffuse more slowly or more rapidly than the original ones? On what dimension of new products do you base your response?

faster, due to greater compatibility


slower, due to a smaller relative advantage

faster, due to a greater relative advantage

slower, due to greater risk

slower, due to greater complexity



Question 4

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Items used in the manufacturing process that become part of the final product are called:

accessory equipment.



support goods.

specialty goods.




Question 5

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Claire goes to the supermarket to buy syrup. As she walks down the aisle, she notices Aunt Jemima’s Peanut Butter. This is a new product from Aunt Jemima. Previously the brand sold only syrup and pancake mix. Claire sees a picture of Jemima on the jar. In this case Aunt Jemima’s picture represents a _______, while Aunt Jemima’s Peanut Butter represents a _______.

Brand personality; line extension

Correct Answer

Trade character; category extension

Trade character; line extension

Brand name; brand extension  

Brand personality; category extension



Question 6

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A strategy of dropping a product from the product line, usually in the decline stage of the product life cycle, is called:









Question 7

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Whenever Rachel goes shopping for purses, she always purchases a Gucci, even though she prefers the style of Coach. She thinks that the more expensive a product is, the better it is. What component of Gucci’s brand equity is Rachel relying on?


perceived quality



brand associations




Question 8

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Best Buy has decided to sell DVD players under the brand name, Best. These DVDs will be manufactured by Toshiba. Best Buy decided to do this in order to increase their profit margins. Sony also produces DVD players, which are sold at Best Buy and in many other stores. Sony would be considered a/an _____ brand while Best would be considered a/an _____ brand.

Multiple; Private Label

Name; Prototype


National; Private Label

Multiple; Generic

National; Generic




Question 9

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Products that are introduced, decline, and then are re-introduced are characteristic of the __________ type of product life cycle.

low learning



high learning





Question 10

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The Betty Crocker Original Supreme brownie mix with Hershey’s chocolate is branded using which strategy?

generic branding



mixed branding

multiproduct branding

private branding

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