FAU Operation Management Assignment

Operation Management




Describe any strategies you used in making your order and shipment decisions. What information did you use, and what factors influenced your ordering decision? Give specific examples of HOW you used specific pieces of information to make your decisions, rather than a vague response such as “I used our customer demand, costs, etc. to make our decisions”. Did your strategy change at all over the course of the simulation? How did it change, and why did you change your strategy?


Did you find yourself “blaming” the persons or other positions within the same supply chain for your problems (too much inventory, too much backorders)? Please explain why you did or did not blame others. What else do you think attributed to any difficulty you experienced in satisfying demand/ or having too much inventory?


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1) Title of article – NOTE: This article must be DIFFERENT from any other article already posted by your classmates and also different in topic (i.e. same news, but different article). A duplicate article will not receive credit. To make sure someone doesn’t post the same article while you are preparing your post, I highly suggest you post responses to items 1, 2, and 3, and then reply to your first post with a response to items 4 and 5.


2) Source of the article


3) Hyper link to the article so other students can click on the link and view the article (paste the link into the CANVAS Discussion Forum, then highlight the link, click on the chain link in the tools bar, and paste the link again into the address box, and submit).


4) Provide a brief summary of the article (5 – 6 sentences). Do NOT plagiarise from a subsection of the article.


5) Explain how it relates to a specific inventory management or supply chain management concept that is covered in the recent learning units. In other words, does the article illustrate how having too much inventory increases holding costs and what a company might be doing to reduce such holding costs? Does it illustrate how having a lot of uncertainty in demand increases the amount of safety stock that needs to be held? Does it illustrate the costs of having a shortage of inventory? etc. Explain how it illustrates the topic rather than just saying something like “it illustrates that inventory costs are expensive.”


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In this discussion board, you are required to post an original post. In your post, you should provide an example of how a specific firm manages the waiting experience – either actual time or perceived time. This should be based on your own experience and not an internet-based research assignment. Your example must be significantly different than another student, as well as different than the examples already provided in the article. For example, if one student were to say a doctor’s office uses magazines in the waiting room, you should not describe how another service firm uses televisions or books to occupy time and make the wait seem shorter.


In your post you should include the following:

1. Firm name

2. Explanation of what the firm does to manage either the actual waiting time (besides just saying having more employees or stations available) and/ or how it manages the perceived waiting time. (Note: perceived waiting time is not the same as reducing the actual waiting time.) Be sure to be clear whether this helps to reduce actual or perceived wait time, and explain how the practice minimizes either actual or perceived waits.

3. Explain which of the 8 propositions is being utilized to manage the perceived waiting time.

4. Provide a photo to illustrate what is done to manage either the actual or perceived waiting time. This photo should illustrate the example you describe and not just a random photo of the company.


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As you go about your normal day, at some point this week, pay attention to the facility layout of a store, business, restaurant, etc. that you visit. Your example must be different than any other previous post. Take a photo of an example that illustrates either a good or bad facility layout concept. Upload your photo to your post. The first line of your post, in BOLD, should include the name of the company illustrated in the photo. In your post, you should explain what about the layout was either good or bad, i.e. what made the layout efficient or inefficient. If it was inefficient, what would you suggest changing to make the layout more efficient? You should refer to the second part of chapter 9 to help answer these questions.

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a) Provide a discussion of what planning you did BEFORE the start of the 20-minute production time started.


b) Explain the process steps (i.e. who did what task/s if you employed other people), and how each task was completed – be as specific as possible! Do NOT just say “so and so cut, someone else taped,” etc. Provide details AND include diagrams of the specific steps used in constructing the product, i.e. how did you use draw parts on the construction paper to get the most parts from each sheet, what lines were drawn on the paper to aid in cutting, etc.).


c) Provide and explain two suggestions as to how you could improve your company’s productivity and profitability using the existing resources. Be as specific as possible – for example, don’t just say, “make the product faster.” You need to explain what you would change in the process, and why or how this change will improve your company’s performance. This needs to be specific to your company!! What might improve one company may not help another company. Again, explain each of your suggestions! More detail is better! Avoid general suggestions such as “better communication” if you employed other people. These suggestions should be focused on the design of the process. The best answers will explain a specific challenge you encountered during the simulation and what you could do differently to minimize this challenge. Note: Naturally it will be beneficially to have more employees. Your answers should be such that you are not able to change the number of employees or add additional rulers, scissors, tape or glue sticks, or other technology of any kind.

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