Privacy Policy

Integrity and confidentiality are our priority. We understand the importance of privacy and believe in making a good relationship with the clients. Only a better relationship can help us retaining those clients. We keep their information to us. By disclosing their personal information, we cannot spoil our relationship with the clients. It will negatively affect our business. Even, we never share their work to anyone, we work for them exclusively. Doing these dirty stuffs can benefit us but for a temporary period. We believe in a long-distance running rather than sprinting.

Our Privacy Policy

  1. We don’t use others copyrighted contents. If a person is found using our copyrighted contents and resources without our acknowledgement, he/she will be penalized.
  2. We don’t share one client’s work with others. We offer exclusive services.
  3. We never disclose client’s information to anyone. We maintain integrity and confidentiality.
  4. We just use clients’ information to improve our services and communicate the clients.
  5. We ask for client’s personal information only when it is required to do the assignment.
  6. Experts are strictly said to follow the same company’s privacy follow.
  7. We share your information only with your consent.
  8. The third-party partners are also abided by our privacy policies.

Which information we collect from people who visit our website or ask for academic help?

When an individual visit our website in the search of getting help in his/her assignments, we request him/her to share name, phone number, email ID, course or assignment title in which he/she needs help. Collecting these pieces of information helps us providing better services and understanding what the individual exactly needs.

How do we collect your information?

We collect only that detail which is necessary for enhancing the communication with the clients. We always ask for the information what we need and never steal them without clients’ consent. Our live chat box also helps us collecting the information.

How do we utilize your personal and non-personal information and protect it from others?

We use your personal and non-personal information to enhance user-experience and provide a better service that you find more relevant. Sometimes, it is required to include personal information in certain assignments and the initial correspondence help us to utilize your information in that case.  Our multilevel security system keeps your data safe and secure. Moreover, trading clients’ information is not our policy. We accept payment through PayPal which is the most secured payment method for both the client and the service provider.

In case of any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected] .

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