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What are “Online proctored” exams?

In the online proctored exam, teachers or exam authorities conduct the assessments online. Through this process, they ensure candidates’ Authenticity by using advanced technology and prevent cheating. Students fear that usually pushes them towards cheating in exams, but technology has become so advanced that it is used to prevent cheating methods. Like offline proctoring, online proctoring began with Authenticity. If a student is found doing cheating, then they eliminate from the exam. Even before the exam starts, this software ensures that students share anything like start video screening or recording for the cheating. During the exam, teachers monitor the student in real-time means live. So, in that situation, how students can do cheating in the exam.

Steps taken by authorities to stop cheating in exam

  1. Students are impersonated with the Two- Factor Authenticity, so they will catch if someone else taking their exam or test on their behalf. They set a system for the voice and face recognization of students. Students get unique links and codes that are used once by them.
  2. Authority restricts the multiple logins. Student’s login id used by others, and someone else attempt their exam, but in proctoring service, the IP address of students knows by teachers, so if it changes, it will be captured easily.
  3. Browser activity is prevented because students try to find the answers online or somewhere else so, they don’t copy or paste questions for that this proctored system used to stop them.
  4. Copy and paste done by students from the different files that are also restricted—their screen activity is directly seen by the proctor.
  5. Students use the old school ideas where they write formulas or topics related to exams on hand that is also prohibited as before starting the exam; they show their hand on-screen, so proctors check it immediately to catch them.
  6. Students use the Screen recording video apps through this; someone else watches what’s happening, but it is not accepted.
  7. Proctors see every time on screen that any single change on-screen and then it get caught by them.

How does cheating happen in online proctored exams? Is it easy to attempt cheating?

The Demand for Online Proctored Exams increased due to the pandemic, and through the online exams, proctors ensure secure and well-supervised examinations online. Cheating is possible in the proctored exam, but it is also found effortless. Those who well know every knowledge of computer they can try to do cheating. But these days, there are online exam helpers available in the market which help the students in the online exam. They know how to connect with the student screen and answered all the questions without knowing by proctors. The main reason for cheating by students is lack of personal supervision means how much area did webcam cover when only the test giver is present in front of a single camera. No one knows the complete view of the room. Students only scroll through the questions that other people can see even if they are in another room by cheating. So, saying online exams as credible is wrong.

Methods of cheating in an online proctored exam

Using high technology devices
If you think about cheating in an online proctored exam, technology will help you. There are many ways to attempt your exam by cheating, for that technology will be favorable for you like using the phone to projectors. Taking pictures of exam questions as screenshots and sending them to the helper, while all the activities are recorded and live seen by proctors, it becomes risky to take pictures. In that case, an extra projector will help you, but with that, you can also be sure that your projector pictures or reflection are away from your nearby; otherwise, it will capture you immediately.

By searching online, you can cheat
It means when you are online, log in with the system. Read the questions as much as you can, then log out from the test by fault. During this time, you get little chance to check the answers before your proctor reconnects you again with them. This is a little risky because you need speed to check the answers, so do it with speed and less tension, so your mind works calmly.

Using the keyboard
You can copy the question and paste it in words or notepad, Keep a separate window open to deceive the remote proctor. Open online messengers; you can send the screenshot in running a parallel operating system, send it to a friend who helps you, and get the answer in this way. But cheating on the remotely proctored exam without tension about the screen activity, you must learn about the shortcuts of using the keyboard for several functions. You can copy-paste the questions before the exam starts, so proctors have no information about what is happening on screen.
Cheat when multiple questions are given
Most of the online exams have multiple choice questions in that situation; use the double operating system to hack the software. With that, you can copy the questions and find their answers quickly.

Use multiple screening
From some far-away place, someone attempts your question simultaneously and provides you the answers.

Taking help from subject matter experts
Apart from all these risky ways, you can also hire experts who will help you in your exam without cheating issues and also provide you good grades without taking tension by you for the exam. You can hire them, and they assure you help without any other issues like being caught by proctors, risk of cheating, grades issues, or any other which will affect your academic records.

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