What Are the Steps of Effective Research Paper Writing?

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Writing an effective research paper is a grim task because it includes various sections and every section requires special attention. Some steps for writing each section effectively have been defined below:




The first thing a reader reads in the research paper is abstract. This makes it one of the most essential parts of a research paper. Quality abstract gives an epitome of what a reader is going to read. The abstract must be written in a way that a reader gets the urge to read the whole paper. Not only the content but how it is communicated is equally important. The things that must be included in the abstraction the concise form are:


  • The theses statement
  • Importance of the theses
  • How the research conducted
  • The results and conclusion



    An introduction of a research paper must be short. It should be telling why the theses are important to be discussed. Introduction first sets the topic in a broader context and then, gradually narrow down it to the main thesis. Unlike the abstract, it does not contain the result and conclusion of the research paper. An ideal introduction follows the outline of the paper and straightforwardly, defines the thesis.


    Literature Review


    It is important to include other research evidence that relates to your thesis. While reviewing the literature, one should explain the thesis and findings of other researches. Reviewing literature would help the readers to better understand the thesis of the research paper.


    Methodology and Analysis


    For quantitative research, a researcher must use appropriate statistical methods to show the results clearly. A researcher must know how to interpret the results derived from the statistical methods. Results and analysis should be presented clearly and concisely. A researcher should avoid giving unnecessary details as much as possible.




    The conclusion is the summarization of all the thoughts and findings of the research. It should include all the key points of the research papers and develop new research theses which are based on the findings of the research paper.

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