Types of writing styles

Types of writing styles

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The different styles of writing have a different purpose and are used to share different ideas and opinions. There are four main types of writing styles that include descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive. The writing style is the way of approaching readers. All four types of writing require different writing skills. Let’s take a look at each of the writing style individually.


Expository writing: This type of writing exposes or presents the facts. This genre is considered the most common type of writing. Expository writing doesn’t reflect the personal opinion of the author but presents the reader with facts and figures in a logical order. This type of writing can be found in textbooks, business writing, etc.  


Descriptive Writing: The main objective of descriptive writing is to help the readers visualize a place, event, a character or everything. This type of writing can describe a scene with respect to all five senses. Descriptive writing gives artistic freedom to the writer. This type of writing can be found in advertising, fiction, poetry, diary writing, etc. 


Persuasive Writing: In the persuasive type of writing, the readers are influenced by the author to assume his or point of view. Persuasive writing involves the personal opinion of the author with evidence and the readers are persuaded to agree with him or her. The examples of persuasive writing are editorials, advertising, opinion, job application, reviews, etc.


Narrative Writing: The main objective of narrative writing is to present a story and the story can be fictional or real. The author establishes the characters and then, describes the situation these characters go through.

The characters can also have situations in those situations. Biographies, poetry, fiction and all types of fiction are the best examples of narrative writing. This type of writing is generally in the first person and also, can include dialogues.

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