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What Are The Steps Of Effective Research Paper Writing?

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Writing a research paper is an integral part of academics when someone is studying in University or college. Generally, while writing a research paper, you need to do research on the various social, scientific or technical aspects of the topic and then, organize them in structure.


Research paper writing is a major part of academic writing and if you are not aware of the types of academic writing then it may seem complicated for you to write it. It is foremost important to select the right research paper topic and for this, you need to know the types of research topics. Each type of research paper requires different understanding and approach to write it. Here, we will help you to understand them better by explaining each of them. 


Argumentative: In argumentative papers, it is necessary to make the readers attentive towards the arguments reflecting the purpose of the paper. These arguments should be backed up by the evidence related to the topic. In spite of the structure, there are some standard steps that are needed to write the best research paper.


Analytical: An analytical research paper is not that complex as its name. It is just the analysis of the idea or topic you are working on. This type of research paper requires strong arguments to support your side and critical thinking to present them.


Definition: The research papers comprising of definition requires clear objective arguments about the topic with including personal opinion. These types of research papers are informative and include statements or findings of other people supported with facts. 


Compare and contrast: Some research papers establish the difference between the viewpoints, authors, subjects or any other entity. These types of research papers are written in social science, philosophy, literature, and many others. The comparison and contrast have usually the same structure, irrespective of the subject.   

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