Research Paper Writing :- Definition, Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Research Paper Writing :- Definition, Resources, Tips, and Tricks

A college student has to write one or more research papers before getting a final degree. Writing a research paper is a daunting task but that’s not true for students with good knowledge about “how to write a research paper”?

Contacting an online exam help agency or exam helper is the ideal way to get a high score in the research paper, but if you want to know some details of this topic, here is some insightful reading.

What is Research Paper Writing?

A research paper is an academic piece of writing where a student gets directions from the college or university to do in-depth independent write-ups on a topic after research. The research requires proper analysis, interpretation, and argument-based writing. The paper is a way to gauge the topic knowledge and other skills of the students.

A student has to gather all the required information as well as to conduct research. Alternatively, contacting exam helpers makes the process easy for students. With coursework help or research help, students score high and focus their valuable time on other important things.

Resources or Ways to Get Information for Research?

Teacher/Professors/Seniors Getting help from your teacher or professor is the best way, but not all of them help the students. Still, students should have patience and keep asking their professors for help. Library The library is another place that can make your research paper great. Visit the library and explore various books, magazines, research papers, newspapers, international studies, and others for research. Library also works as college coursework help. Make a habit of visiting the library regularly. Online Exam Helpers Look for related keywords and you will find many websites for Finance homework help, college coursework help, Account assignment help, and more. Choose any one of them by doing due diligence for a good research paper written on your behalf. Informative Websites on the Internet such as Wikipedia, Academic Databases, and others Gathering required information is paramount for research writing. Use Google Docs, Google Research, Google Books, Wikipedia, and other relevant academic databases for information gathering. Online Software for Writing The Internet is full of software and websites for helping you in writing. Applications like Grammarly, Pre Post SEO, Word Counter, Copyscape, Turnitin, Google Docs, and more help you in writing.

Tips on Writing Lucid and Plagiarism Free Research Paper

When given a chance to choose your research paper on your own, make sure to select the familiar one. Before starting to work, be familiar with ins and outs of the assignment. Contact coursework help provider for knowing more about the topics. After familiarity, choose the topics where you have a good grasp, and getting information is easy. Make effective use of all the research mentioned above to collect data as much as possible. Seeking information from more data is easy while writing. Do not just sit and start writing after research. Organize it and form an outline for research paper writing. After the outline, prepare a thesis that will create a base for your writing. Now it’s time to write. Give complete dedication and indulge yourself in writing. Ensure writing a paper is readable, insightful, engaging, and unique. Editing and proofreading the paper is as important as writing. The experts suggest students read at least three times before final submission.


We are helpful that these information will help you better research writing. Feeling difficulty! Contact math homework doer, algebra homework doer, or exam helper for your chosen subjects.

Structure and Ways of Writing a Short Essay

Structure and Ways of Writing a Short Essay

Structure and Ways of Writing a Short Essay

The standard Essay has some rules and specific structure, which comprises paragraph thesis, main body, and conclusion. These structures elaborate and help in comprehending the Essay. It has many parts, which are given below.

Introduction – Introduction is the main part of the Essay, as it familiarizes the content and subject topic to the readers. The main objective of the introduction is to attract the reader’s attention that makes them interested. So, the introduction requires the creation of a hook that intrigues the audience. This portion of the Essay should be in 5 sentences. The introduction should be informative, concise, and catchy that must be worthy of the persuasion of the audience of the Essay.

Thesis – Thesis represents the last sentence of the introduction. It focuses on the main problem that essay writers plan to explore and contain a claim to prove. Thus, if the topic is very broad, simple, and is focused on some specific, then the thesis must be in debatable form, as debatable thesis motivates opponents to argue with the position.

Conclusion – This section shows the analysis result in the paragraph and depicts how ideas from the main body support this thesis statement. Conclusion differs from the summary; it cannot be similar to a summary of the work. Since the introduction shows the targeted audience to attract the reader’s attention, the last sentence shows how satisfied people are after reading the conclusion.

Ways of writing short Essay

Writing, in general, is different from writing in academic fields. Since different writing styles have a different way of presenting the idea, below are some points that are followed to write the short Essay.

The topic of interest – The topic that raises interest in a thoughtful Essay should be used in writing an essay, as a creative and precise writing style prompts people to think beyond the book world that provides real and lucid content.

Make an Outline – Prior to writing an essay, writers should be clear about the content for writing. So, the formation of the outline is the easiest way to create a proper argument and basic structure of the academic Essay. The outline should comprise the main points for supporting the paragraph.

Creation of world bank – The creation of a word bank is an interesting way to jot down the specific words in the Essay. Since, for writing a thesis, there lies need to work on vocabulary because the thesis plays the main role in the Essay because thesis is the main argument of the Essay. Once a thesis is chosen, there lies a need to focus on the main topic and finding new words that relate to the thesis in varying ways. In addition to, finding great vocabulary can act as a cherry on the cake because the use of new words makes the language

Hook the reader – The sentence used in the writing section should raise interest and curiosity. The curiosity increases by asking the intriguing question, delivering a bold statement, surprising facts, and emphasizing the topic.

Map the structure – In the long type of Essay, the introduction can be briefly described for covering some portion of the Essay. This type of mapping guides the reader and offers a way to preview for developing the argument.

Create Paragraph Structure – The essay structure needs clear structure. Thus, it is very significant to organize the paragraphs around the main idea. So, the idea should be introduced in the topic sentence, as the topic sentence helps in explaining the concept using paragraph structure.

Solid Understanding of Grammar – In writing an essay, many things need to keep in mind, such as grammar, punctuation, and style. So, for making the content error-free, basic grammar should be strong such as proper use of punctuation, subject agreement, proper article, well-formed sentence, and use of active voice.

Seek help from other pairs of eyes – Checking the content by others is a good tip because having read over the content by others before finalizing reduces the chances of making mistakes while writing. Since checking from another pair of eyes gives tunnel vision and a way to think long and differently because interaction with others gives different ideas as well.

Write argumentative and critical evidence – While writing an academic essay, writers can include argumentative and critical evidence regarding the main argument as critical analysis offers an interesting side to the topic, strengthening the topic’s thesis.

Online Proctored Exam Cheating

Online Proctored Exam Cheating

What are “Online proctored” exams?

In the online proctored exam, teachers or exam authorities conduct the assessments online. Through this process, they ensure candidates’ Authenticity by using advanced technology and prevent cheating. Students fear that usually pushes them towards cheating in exams, but technology has become so advanced that it is used to prevent cheating methods. Like offline proctoring, online proctoring began with Authenticity. If a student is found doing cheating, then they eliminate from the exam. Even before the exam starts, this software ensures that students share anything like start video screening or recording for the cheating. During the exam, teachers monitor the student in real-time means live. So, in that situation, how students can do cheating in the exam.

Steps taken by authorities to stop cheating in exam

Students are impersonated with the Two- Factor Authenticity, so they will catch if someone else taking their exam or test on their behalf. They set a system for the voice and face recognization of students. Students get unique links and codes that are used once by them.

Authority restricts the multiple logins. Student’s login id used by others, and someone else attempt their exam, but in proctoring service, the IP address of students knows by teachers, so if it changes, it will be captured easily.

Browser activity is prevented because students try to find the answers online or somewhere else so, they don’t copy or paste questions for that this proctored system used to stop them.

Copy and paste done by students from the different files that are also restricted—their screen activity is directly seen by the proctor.

Students use the old school ideas where they write formulas or topics related to exams on hand that is also prohibited as before starting the exam; they show their hand on-screen, so proctors check it immediately to catch them.

Students use the Screen recording video apps through this; someone else watches what’s happening, but it is not accepted.

Proctors see every time on screen that any single change on-screen and then it get caught by them.

How does cheating happen in online proctored exams? Is it easy to attempt cheating?

The Demand for Online Proctored Exams increased due to the pandemic, and through the online exams, proctors ensure secure and well-supervised examinations online. Cheating is possible in the proctored exam, but it is also found effortless. Those who well know every knowledge of computer they can try to do cheating. But these days, there are online exam helpers available in the market which help the students in the online exam. They know how to connect with the student screen and answered all the questions without knowing by proctors. The main reason for cheating by students is lack of personal supervision means how much area did webcam cover when only the test giver is present in front of a single camera. No one knows the complete view of the room. Students only scroll through the questions that other people can see even if they are in another room by cheating. So, saying online exams as credible is wrong.

Methods of cheating in an online proctored exam

Using high technology devices
If you think about cheating in an online proctored exam, technology will help you. There are many ways to attempt your exam by cheating, for that technology will be favorable for you like using the phone to projectors. Taking pictures of exam questions as screenshots and sending them to the helper, while all the activities are recorded and live seen by proctors, it becomes risky to take pictures. In that case, an extra projector will help you, but with that, you can also be sure that your projector pictures or reflection are away from your nearby; otherwise, it will capture you immediately.

By searching online, you can cheat
It means when you are online, log in with the system. Read the questions as much as you can, then log out from the test by fault. During this time, you get little chance to check the answers before your proctor reconnects you again with them. This is a little risky because you need speed to check the answers, so do it with speed and less tension, so your mind works calmly.

Using the keyboard
You can copy the question and paste it in words or notepad, Keep a separate window open to deceive the remote proctor. Open online messengers; you can send the screenshot in running a parallel operating system, send it to a friend who helps you, and get the answer in this way. But cheating on the remotely proctored exam without tension about the screen activity, you must learn about the shortcuts of using the keyboard for several functions. You can copy-paste the questions before the exam starts, so proctors have no information about what is happening on screen.
Cheat when multiple questions are given
Most of the online exams have multiple choice questions in that situation; use the double operating system to hack the software. With that, you can copy the questions and find their answers quickly.

Use multiple screening
From some far-away place, someone attempts your question simultaneously and provides you the answers.

Taking help from subject matter experts
Apart from all these risky ways, you can also hire experts who will help you in your exam without cheating issues and also provide you good grades without taking tension by you for the exam. You can hire them, and they assure you help without any other issues like being caught by proctors, risk of cheating, grades issues, or any other which will affect your academic records.

TEAS Test Preparation

TEAS Test Preparation

What is TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills [ TEAS Test ]  is a test that commonly happens to judge a student for their enrollment in a healthcare college program. Through this exam, it checks the potential of students for the requirement to get into Nursing school. Students apply for this exam before applying to nursing program. Those who want to work in the healthcare field usually apply for this exam after school. This exam is hard to pass that question disturb the students, and then they are confused about the way of preparation. The truth is that the difficulty in this entrance test will depend on how they are prepared for it. There are many other tests for getting admission in health care profile but if your goal is to get into a nursing program through the TEAS test is best option.

What does the TEAS Test / exam consist of?

Basically, TEAS Test cover four areas Reading, science, math, and English. Science and reading cover the most significant portion of the score, which cover a total62% of overall marks. In this test, there is 170 multiple choice questions were given, which cover all of the four subjects. Out of 170 marks, 150 need to pass, and this exam roughly takes 3.5 hours to complete.

Subject Tips for TEAS Test

Reading Tips

In reading, there are 53 questions, and the time allotted is 64 minutes .

There are long or short passages given in test.

First, read the question then passage, it gives you an idea where to find the answer.

Keep trying to find the fact as many question answers are not in the passage but something related to own personal understanding.

Focus on your writing skill, so you better answer the question in good ways.

Manage your speed of reading because it takes time.

Practice last year TEAS Test questions papers or reading material so you can understand the time management and method of questioning.

Practice helps you more than a sudden attempt without it.

 Science Tips

There are 53 questions, and the time allotted is 63 minutes.

This is one of the most challenging section.

It includes questions related to scientific reasoning, physical science, subject chemistry, biology, and physics.

You must be focused on basic knowledge of each topic.

Factual and scientific reasoning questions will ask.

 Math Tips

There are 36 questions, and it takes 54 minutes to complete.

Questions come from algebra, data, arithmetic, measurement.

Increase your speed in calculations.

Physical calculator helps your more.

Know about changing the values like decimals, fractions, multiply, percentage do hard practice.

Must be aware of the standard mathematical rules.

English Tips

There are 28 questions, and the time allotted is 28 minutes.

Questions will come from grammar, sentence structure etc.

Be aware of grammatical mistakes.

Understand the structure of words.

Learn the things related to [ the noun, verb pronoun] all grammar rules.

Test Tips of TEAS preparation

Organize your schedule of study
For giving this test or entrance and expecting a good score for that students have to study every day. Suppose students want their test will score high, in that case, they need proper preparation, which can only happen when they are focused and study regularly with a timetable covering every part of the syllabus of this exam. It created accountability that led the students to secure higher marks by reviewing the study material well.

Arrange the printed study guides
Get the printed materials for your preparation like books and notes as it is easy to prepare by them. You can also make notes or highlight the important point in it so you cannot waste time reading unnecessary things at the last moment. This is a co-effective method for the students.

Maintain confidence in you
When students start preparing for exams or tests, they often feel that things are hard to learn, and their minds stop focused on study. First of all, you have to be confident in your abilities and then prepare best for the TEAS test. Nursing is one of the best and academic solid profile with good background for that hard work is important, and your confidence makes you strong and more focused and it leads higher chance of success.

Utilize the TEAS test prep resource
You learn everything, but test prep resources can still help you get more sure about your preparation score. Take the TEAS practice test at the beginning of your preparation; through this, you will go through questions and even answered them wrong; you get more idea about the types of questions and topics. This also helps you to get a better idea of the area where you have to focus more. Before the exam, in between your preparation, retake the TEAS practice test; this can help you improve and highlight every area where you need extra attention before the exam.

Register for the exam at least two weeks before
It means that you have plenty of time for independent preparation when you register for the exam early. After that you will revise every single topic with time, and your final revision will be more perfectly complete without any other tension. This extra time provides you with spare time that can help you parse through a single topic and stay calm. Keeping stress in the last days divert mind and make your confidence law so focused on it.

Learn all the Fundamental basis
In the TEAS Test / exam, the main subjects like math and science covered so many fundamentals. You have to review all the fundamentals like in math; you have to translate the fraction to decimals; for science, you have to review the biology concepts, balance the equation of chemistry, etc. Many basic fundamentals can easily solve the questions, so also learn each of them that matters.

Study group
If you are Doing group studies, provide an extremely beneficial profit in learning. It means while you are studying in the group, you can find that each group member has strengths and weaknesses in every area. Others will share their learning techniques and methods with you. Sharing knowledge is one of the most valuable things.

Take care of own
For the students, one of the most important is that students take care of their health and well- being. It is important they must keep their stress out through their mind and feelings. When the mind is calm, students attempt the exam stress-free and keep their balance of focus in the exam.

Focus on the weak area
As students know that they are not perfect in every subject, they have to pay more attention to weak area like math arithmetic, fractions practice of the questions, science biology, or chemistry. Keep your focus on your preparation, and more practice will keep your preparation strong. Do not hurry with answers; take little time to understand it and then response to it.

Fixed a target
When you know from which subject how many questions will come and how much time will cover, then focus on where you have to utilize more time and focus. Fixed at least 70 to 80 % score in mind with that do our exam preparation. In TEAS Test / exam time is about 209 minutes and 170 multiple questions. Once you fixed the target, you will achieve more because your preparation will be done with clarity and confidence.

How To Write Introduction for Research Paper?

How To Write Introduction for Research Paper?

BA research paper has a lot to say in detail, and you compose an essay in which you describe what you’ve learnt in great detail. In a research paper, you incorporate data from a variety of sources, including interviews, books, journals, and internal websites. You can also integrate your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

The research paper introduction is a critical area in which you must be as creative as possible. Because this domain provides you with the opportunity to show readers and researchers why your research paper topics is worth reading and why they should pay attention to it. The introduction is important for a variety of reasons. It supports your research and introduces your topic, and provides a summary of the paper.

The following are some of the persuasive benefits of a research paper introduction:

Provides a thorough start to your study article.

Defines the purpose of your research paper as well as the topic you’ll be discussing in-depth.

Fully supports your research and provides a synopsis of what your research paper has to offer.

Clearly states your goals and assists in achieving the ultimate goal.

It acts as a road map for your research paper.

The introduction planning and designing are determined by elements such as whether you want to present a conclusion based on a unique empirical study or discuss an argument using a variety of resources.

We’ve put together a checklist of steps to include in the planning and implementation of your research paper introduction.

So, here are the stages to follow when creating your research paper’s introduction:

  1. Begin by stating your topic and goal : This should be your primary goal at first when you talk about your topic and present it to your audience so that you may explain your thoughts and goals in a nutshell without exerting too much effort. Your research paper introduction should be clear, and the topic you wish to convey should be precise as well so that your readers feel linked to your work and don’t abandon it because they fear it will become tedious. The introduction is an opportunity for you to entice your readers and keep them engaged throughout the paper by designing and implementing it in a way that makes it interesting.

2. Stating the Importance : Here, you must mention all of the appealing benefits and make your study introduction persuasive so that your readers will be compelled to continue reading your work. Many readers abandon their plans to study the research because the introduction itself lacks a clear reason or goal. So, if you want your readers to stick with your paper to the finish, you must be as imaginative as possible when writing your paper’s start. In a nutshell, state your goals and significance, and keep it short so that your readers understand the purpose and relevance of your research paper topics.

3. Describe the background : This section of the introduction will differ based on the research paper topics types you’re writing and the methodologies you want to use. You will be expected to present an outline of the most relevant research that has previously been undertaken in an empirical paper. This will be a summary of the current status of research on your issue, condensed into a few phrases. However, once you’ve piqued your readers’ interest and begun to narrow down your argumentative research, you’ll need to specify a little more. Provide the most pertinent background information here, and this should not be a spot where you express yourself excessively.

4. Clearly stating your hypothesis or research question : Clearly stating your hypothesis or research question can be an excellent approach to giving your research a productive context. Instead of articulating a research question, you may state a research question for formal studies such as that informal science or an exploratory investigation. You could use a declarative statement to ask the inquiry. Going over several research paper example will help you have a better idea of how to proceed. Still, you must ensure that your content is 100 per cent original and free of plagiarism.

 5. Keeping it Short : In this domain, you must exercise caution and attempt to keep your introduction brief and precise so that your readers do not become bored or separated from your paper. Try to get the most bang for your buck with the fewest words possible, and be innovative and unique in every manner imaginable.

6. Effective conclusion : You must give an effective ending and shape to the conclusion of your paper’s introduction. This will serve as a wrap-up and illustrate the paper’s goals and a summary of the major sections. The decision should clearly state where you started and where you ended, with all gaps filled.

7. Example of a research paper introduction structure :  Here’s one of the few research paper example to help you figure out what to include and how to make it work.

Research Paper Introduction Example

Introductory paragraph : provides a broad overview for a general audience before narrowing the focus on a specific topic. Also, list the main points, issues, and objectives.

Literature review : a summary of relevant literature on your subject, including a description of the present state of the art and a list of gaps that the study will fill.

Research goal : state the hypothesis or research question and briefly describe how you’ll achieve your objectives. After that, give the primary preview and mention the work’s contribution, which is optional and up to you if you want to include it or not.

Paper overview : Provide a section-by-section summary of the paper’s contents.

The research paper introduction should be your major goal when you start crafting to know which direction to go in and clearly state your objectives. It must incorporate all of the necessary parts in the most exact manner feasible. The strategies outlined above will assist you in creating an excellent introduction for your paper and achieve your research paper’s objectives.

How to write a Case Study assignment and excel in Academics?

How to write a Case Study assignment and excel in Academics?

Academic life is jam-packed with activities, obligations, and tasks that must be completed on time. To get good scores, a student must be meticulous in his or her preparation for writing an assignment. A case study is an example of a difficult task. Even though it is a difficult task, it is doable. It necessitates that you use time and effort to creating a case study project. At times, these responsibilities might seem daunting. Taking case study assignment assistance in India would be a great alternative in those instances. Assignment delivery are for everyone, whether you are a full-time or part-time student. Every difficulty in a case study necessitates a thorough research. It’s because you’ll need to give suitable remedies for those issues that are backed up by facts.

Take case study assignment help from the professionals if you want to present a good case study. In many studies, case studies are used extensively. A case can be an event, an institution, an individual, or a course of action. If the matter is a statement or a summary, various research approaches are used. It is critical to understand the sort of case study with which you are working while creating one. Case studies can take many different forms, such as business policies or academic studies. The process of creating a case study is made easier when you understand the many sorts of case studies.

Deciding the Topic of Case Study Assignment

You must first decide on the sort of case study you want to create. Analyze the case or circumstance after you’ve decided on a kind. It aids in the collecting of missing information or elements, according to case study assignment assistance specialists. The information might be about a corporation, a person, or a country. It might be about procedures, programs, or other intangibles. As a result, the initial step is critical. A large part of preparing a case study assignment is deciding on the proper topic. Before you choose a topic to work on, decide on an understanding perspective. It provides an overview of the research that will be conducted, which can begin on the internet or at the library.

A large part of preparing a case study assignment is deciding on the proper topic. Before you choose a topic to work on, decide on an understanding perspective. It provides an overview of the research that will be conducted, which can commence on the internet or at the library. After you’ve narrowed down your study to a certain topic, use several sites to compile all of the pertinent information. When you’re reading journals, papers, periodicals, or novels, make sure to take notes. Going over published case studies will be quite helpful in learning how to write a good case study.

Explaining the Problem and the Solution Case Study Assignment

Explaining the problem is one of the most crucial parts of the writing process. When it comes to presenting the facts of the problem in accordance with content formats, researchers and students should use extreme caution. They should also describe the study’s objective or the circumstance that prompted them to undertake it. Excessive usage of social media has been shown to have a negative impact on students’ grades and may be utilized as a research issue. If there are several problems or concerns, rank them in order of importance and then declare the most essential one. In a few lines, describe the problem and how it impacts the organization’s entire operation. You must also elucidate the major concerns when presenting them.

The solution’s explanation is another crucial phase in the writing process. The most essential goal of the research is to discover the problem’s origins and causes, and then to implement the recommended remedy as a way to remove the issue from society. The goal would not be accomplished if there was no concise overview of the solution. A comprehensive examination of the outcomes and answers must be provided in order to produce an excellent case study. Good research papers are designed to illustrate the causes and effects of the problem statement and to assist researchers in formulating a process and outcome.

Use of Data Collection and Methodology in a Case Study Assignment

You may use the research design and technique to look into particular examples in order to test a theory or look into a certain issue. Grounded theory is a method of study that has been utilized by scientists for decades. The objective of this approach is to generate a thesis from the collected data in order to comprehend the study’s environment. The first step is to choose a research group, a specific demographic, or an individual. Systematic note-taking is required as part of the study technique. The study’s design focuses on how the research will be conducted and if the background data obtained is relevant to the research. Unlike other scientific studies, there are no hard and fast rules here.

The case study assignment approach entails just watching the topic or group of people. The objective is to learn things that would be impossible to learn if there were a big number of people being watched. Individual case studies are done in the framework of education or psychology to gain a better knowledge of an individual and his difficulties. The researchers are trying to figure out what’s causing the problem. They aim to extrapolate their results to comparable groups as a way of highlighting a societal problem and proposing particular solutions. The social and natural sciences are not based on strict formulae.

Using Examples in a Case Study Assignment

In the context of business case studies, potential customers’ success stories and their experiences with products and services may be utilized to investigate the factors that contribute to the company’s success. Writing case studies serves another role in addition to elucidating the problem and generating solutions. The goal of social scientists is to investigate hypotheses that can help society function better. As a result, they undertake research utilizing interventions in order to determine whether a theory will be helpful to society. Illustrative, explorative, critical instance, and cumulative case studies are among the several types of case studies. Make a list of persons who have made a difference in the field of your choice and who are near your approach. Choose whether you’ll be interviewing a single person or a group of people.

Getting a group opinion and using it as evidence in your case study might be useful. Enroll in workshops and interviews relating to your area of study. Collect as much information as you can, but make sure it’s relevant. Compile a set of pertinent questions for them to answer from the concerned individuals. Interviews are one of the methods for gathering relevant data or information. The goal of all of these case studies is to investigate the difficulties using various methods. A study might be finished in one day, one month, one year, or even longer, depending on the research method used by the researcher. The goal stays the same, no matter how long it takes: to make society a better place.

Citing the Sources of Information and Data

Publications, papers, and artifacts can provide further information. When creating a case study project, you must condense the material into a single format so that it can be easily found when needed. You’ll have to segregate the data that’s needed from the data that’s not. Consider forming a thesis statement for the problem while you’re doing this. This is recommended by case study assignment service specialists in order to keep the attention on important facts. A case study project is a type of academic assignment. As a result, introducing references is critical. When you add references to your work, it becomes more credible. When you’ve finished writing a case study assignment, you could realize that you need a few more things.